Our Mission

Our mission at 118 Degrees West is to inspire others to explore and appreciate the natural world. We prefer to lead by example and prove that you don’t need to have all the latest gear to get out for a weekend in the mountains and you don’t need to have grown up camping every weekend to go on your first backcountry adventure. You also don’t need a background in competitive racing to get out and shred beautiful mountain landscapes. You just need the right mindset, a bit of planning and the right motivation.


The founder of 118 Degrees West, Dave Thompson, comes from the East Coast of Canada.  Having relocated to Alberta he has not forgotten his East Coast roots.  He brings a maritime flavour to adventure in the Rocky Mountains and the world abroad.

What’s in a name?

You might be wondering to yourself “what the heck does 118 Degrees West even mean?”. Here is the quick explanation. My intent with this pursuit is to leverage my love of the outdoors and adventure to inspire others to get out and explore. There are many places that stoke my own inspiration to get out and explore but I decided to hone in on one specific place when developing a name for my budding company. This is where Revelstoke, British Columbia comes in. Revelstoke is located approximately on the 118th meridian west of Greenwich, or 118 degrees west longitude (nerd warning – I love maps). Revelstoke, also known as Revy, is one of those magical places on the planet where epic terrain and outdoor sports like to hide just slightly at the edge of your grasp. Meaning that Revy is just that perfect distance from Calgary that makes it the stuff of mountain biking and snowboarding day dreams during the week and where, with a bit of planning and effort, you can see those dreams come to fruition on the weekend. It also has ‘stoke’ right in it’s name and makes for a fun play on words such as “Reveling in the stoke this weekend!”. When you think of 118 Degrees West feel free to borrow my source of inspiration and start daydreaming about interior British Columbia, or utilize it as a trigger to think of your own source of inspiration.

Happy Trails!

Dave T

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