The Ultimate Budget Friendly Adventure Vehicle

One of my all time favourite vehicles is the 3rd generation 4Runner which Toyota produced from 1996-2002. At one point my mother drove a 2002 4Runner Badlands Edition with a hood scoop, fender flairs and All Terrain tires. It was a beast and it is the vehicle I first drove as a teenager. Toyota inContinue reading “The Ultimate Budget Friendly Adventure Vehicle”

Mountain Biking is Awesome

I can still vividly recall the day I learned to ride a bike. I removed the training wheels and taught myself by riding back and forth on our deck on an old banana seat bike. A few pedal strokes at a time. I was a determined kid. Years later I would employ a very similarContinue reading “Mountain Biking is Awesome”

Talk less and take Action

It’s been a little while since I have written a post. I would like to think I have a good reason for slacking off but it’s too easy to call my own bluff and call such reasons a convenient excuse. So let’s just agree that I’ve been slacking (bad Dave!) and that I need toContinue reading “Talk less and take Action”

Economical Adventure Upgrades – Custom Car Camping Window Screens

The 2008 Subaru Outback (the Sube) was a great adventure rig for many years. One of my favourite parts about the Sube (aside from it being a 5 speed manual) was the fact that it was a station wagon. I could haul all kinds of materials and gear in the back and it also hadContinue reading “Economical Adventure Upgrades – Custom Car Camping Window Screens”